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"It’s a story I’ll tell you one day when I’m drunk."

You release your problems to someone you trust and think can help you, they end up running away.

You hold in the problems to avoid being hurt again or to avoid being an annoyance, but you hurt yourself even further.

What the fuck.



Fuck up your sleeping schedule with me so i know it’s real. 

"Don’t kiss his best friend or a stranger for revenge. Someones lips are not an eraser that can make him disappear. If you kiss someone else you’re going to end up spiraling back into the memories you had with him, and you’re going to miss him more, and you’re going to doom yourself into hating yourself more. Don’t wear prettier clothes, more makeup and your hair nicely when you know he’s going to the same place you’re going to. You’ve trapped yourself into the idea that he left you because you were falling apart, or maybe you thought he started seeing the natural disaster that you believe you are. You are bigger than this whole entire universe put together, and he is not worthy of calling something so extravagant his. Your eyes hold all the galaxies, your heart holds the solar system, and you mind is full of constellations. Don’t murder your dreams because he told you that your life is worth nothing. Don’t infest your lungs with marijuana or cigarettes to forget about him. Drugs or nicotine can confiscate your mind from devious thoughts, but they will remain there, and they’ll be released in a matter of hours. Your lungs shouldn’t be getting polluted because of an egoistical asshole. Don’t build a rope of hope inside your mind because you want all your beautiful thoughts to hang on. Get a scissor and cut that rope before you become more vulnerable. Stop staring at his phone number for hours delete it, stop wearing the t-shirt he gave you last summer, stop rereading all the meaningless messages he sent you. This castle of hope you are building inside your mind is not bulletproof, and it’ll be the reason why self-destruction starts chasing you."
-Alexa evangelista (via vodkakilledtheteens)


having a crush is painful and horrible but not having a crush is just so boring